WaxCon is a company with long roots and experience within international business and with an effective and skilled network we can offer services to companies within sales, marketing and international challenges. The company is located in Ostrobothnia "Energy" Vaasa but helps companies nation wide. We also offer foreign companies' services concerning Finnish business environment.

Nina Waxlax who established the company has been working with international sales and marketing issues since 1980`. Of this time she lived and worked seven years in Spain, Madrid. During these decades a firm base of network and knowledge have been created to serve different customers with different needs. During 2007-2010 Nina was working in an organization offering public services, meaning an excellent knowledge of public funding tools in Finland.





Cannus Oy, 

Finpro Ry, 


WaxCon has good collaboration also between Ely-Centers, Tekes, technology centers, development companies, entrepreneur organizations and other public actors.